National Information Platforms for Nutrition Data Quality Toolkit

The focus of the toolkit is on data required to assess anthropometric status such as measurements of weight, height or length, MUAC, sex and age. The focus is on anthropometric status but many of presented methods could be applied to other types of data. NiPN may commission additional toolkits to examine other variables or other types of variables.

ennet: Utilities to Extract and Analyse Text Data from the Emergency Nutrition Network (en-net) Forum

R package that provides utility functions for the extraction, processing and analysis of text data from the en-net online forum

Poverty Probability Index

Lookup tables for estimating the likelihood of poverty using the Poverty Probability Index (previously called Progress out of Poverty Index) or PPI from country-specific indicators collected from cross-sectional surveys. These lookup tables are extracted from documentation of the PPI found at https://www.povertyindex.org.